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Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

As a PhD Chemist, Dennis spent much of his career conducting adult training classes for the oil industry and for the US Department of Energy. Now semi-retired, Substitute Teaching for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Bonsall and Fallbrook, he recognizes there are many reasons why any age person may need a little additional help/tutoring in a variety of subjects.

In most cases, at all ages, it is critical to not get “lost” in a subject or concept. If they do in today’s school systems, 2 things will happen. First they will probably be passed to the next grade regardless of whether they learned or not. School teachers just do not have the time to stop an entire class to help one student having some difficulty. The second thing that will happen is, the student will be at a serious disadvantage going forward because they failed to understand a concept necessary for the next stage of their learning. As a result they just get further and further behind. It’s certainly not the child’s fault, it’s just the system.

To help we offer private tutoring for your child if you feel they just need a little extra instruction. With the time we have in tutoring we can take the time in a private, friendly, non-intimidating environment to make sure every step in the learning process is understood before moving forward.

Private Tutoring

Elementary School

As our kids enter the world of academia, learning to read,write, add, subtract, multiply, divide and understand the world we live in are so important as are the social skills attending school.
Middle School

Middle School

A our children move on to middle school many more demands are put on them and they must keep up. Creative thinking, advanced math, history, biology, test, etc. can start to weigh heavily on young students.
High School

High School

Any student hoping to get accepted to a quality college or university must perform at a high level in high school. Calculus, genetics, economics, world literature, are just a few of the challenges our high schooler’s face.

Private Tutoring Fees

Private tutoring is generally available daily for 1-2 hours per session. The cost of each tutoring session is dependent on the  amount of instruction required.

Prices range from approximately $30 – $60/hr depending on the number of sessions required per month and the level of instruction needed (elementary – high school).

Private Tuition

How to Apply

We realize all tutoring needs are not the same. Some may just need a little help on a specific subject while others may need more general assistance across numerous subjects. Whatever your child’s needs, please consider letting us help.
1. Can we get help for our child for just a few days?
Of course. Our goal is to make sure your child is not falling behind his or her peers. Sometimes just a week will be all that is necessary if it is just a specific concept but we recommend giving your child just a little more time with us to make sure their confidence and competence is in good shape.
2. What subjects do you cover?
I feel very comfortable helping your child with most subjects (except perhaps advance Calculus!!!) My specialty is obviously chemistry and the biological sciences but I love helping children struggling in any subject.
3. What if my child doesn't want to go to tutoring?
My wife calls me a child who never grew up :). Regardless I seem to have a positive rapport with most kids by my relaxed but sincere approach to teaching. My kids at Fallbrook and Bonsall are always happy to see me as the substitute.
4. I'm not sure tutoring will help.
The worst thing that can happen to for a child to fall so far behind that they are lost in a subject going forward as it will just get worse and worse. Don’t let this happen.
5. I'm afraid tutoring is too expensive and may not help.
Every child has the potential for greatness and we can not let the cost of helping your child catch up lead them in the wrong direction. Give us a call or send us a note.

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What Our Families are Saying

“Dennis is so great at explaining complicated subjects in such a friendly relaxed way”