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Early Learning Home Child Care & Preschool is currently taking applications for children (ages 0 – 5).

With a maximum number of children for home child care set by the State of California, we hope this small number will allow each child to get the individualized attention so important at their early ages.

We hope your children feel we are an extension of your family where they can meet their friends to learn and play everyday.

Early Learning Home Child Care


We realize all child care needs are not the same. Whatever your child’s needs, please consider letting us help.
1. What is the cost?

Full Time, Mon – Fri; Infants (ages 0 – 2 years) = $300/week; Toddlers/Children (ages 2 – 5 years) = $275/week

Tuition costs are subject to change.

For those needing financial assistance to cover child care costs we urge you to visit the San Diego County Centralized Eligibility List information at:

2. Do we have to pay if we miss a day?
The short answer is yes. We are such a small facility/home that we need a commitment from our families to our full time schedule and the cost associated with them regardless of whether your child is absent or not.
3. What about if we take a vacation?

To maintain one of our spots at ELHCC, we request payment even during your family vacations (see Parent Handbook for more details).

4. What about holidays?

Much of the information regarding holidays and so much more is included in our ELHCC Parent Handbook. Briefly though, we will be closed all major holidays following basically the Federal Holiday Schedule. We also allow ourselves two weeks of vacation each each announced way in advance.

5. Can I drop off my child if I have a personal emergency?
Currently we are only accepting full-time children.

Admission Inquiry

Child Care Fees

Infants (ages 0-2)

Monday – Friday
$300 per week

Young World Leaders (ages 2-5)

Monday – Friday
$275 per week

Pricing is subject to change.


A non-refundable deposit equal to two weeks of childcare cost is due at the time of enrollment. After 6 months this deposit can be used for your last two weeks tuition.

Early Learning Home Child Care

Come Visit Us

Whether you are a parent, a parent-approved visitor, or a prospective family, we welcome your visit to see what we are doing to make our Early Learning Home Child Care & Preschool a special part of your child’s day and development.