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Early Learning Home Child Care

Welcome to Early Learning Home Child Care & Preschool

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Here at Early Learning Home Child Care & Preschool, we recognize that each infant, toddler, and pre-k child is unique and certainly special. As a California State Licensed (#376300333) Large Day Care & Preschool provider, our goal is to make your child’s time with us one of anticipation and joy.

As a Large Home Day Care and Preschool provider, our home setting allows us to ensure every single child in our care is given the individualized attention so important to their basic needs and self-confidence at their young ages. This personalized care will not only ensure the health and safety of your child but also ensure they receive the “Early Learning” appropriate to their age.

Fundamental to our personal goal, is to not be simply a place where parents drop off their kids for the day. We truly are dedicated to ensuring all basic needs are absolutely met while giving each child the building blocks to help them succeed socially and academically in the happiest environment while embracing each of their unique qualities that make them who they are.

Here at ELHCC we are committed to providing each of our wonderful children:

Early Learning Home Child Care


Ensuring your child FEELS kindness, caring, welcoming, contentment and happiness


Focusing on the unique needs of your child to help them develop and grow while helping them achieve success and applauding their accomplishments


Ah – to be a child!!!! A time for exploring and playing without a care in the world with each day a joyful adventure 🙂

Our Guests

Age Summary

Certainly every age group of our guests requires unique attention and has special requirements – from changing our friend at the right’s diapers to beginning to exploring nature, learning our ABC’s, shapes, colors, and numbers with our young leaders. Click the link below for detailed information on all our guests’ needs.

Age Groups

Generally, these are newborn babies up until they are beginning to walk. They require special care due to their helpless nature.
These very young children are just beginning to walk, through cruising, up until running recklessly through the yard 🙂
Young World Leaders
Our Young World Leaders, beginning with our terrific 2’s up to our 6 year-olds are fully exploring the world and beginning to learn what it’s all about.

For our 3-6 year-olds we spend more and more time focusing on the academics to totally prepare them for kindergarten including learning the alphabet, spelling, beginning reading, numbers, counting, and basics such as learning the days, weeks and months, and of course science.

Early Learning Home Child Care

What Our Families Are Saying

“Kumiko and Dennis are such fantastic people and we are so lucky to have found Early Learning Home Child Care”

Our Home Child Care & Preschool. Our Family. Our Community

We take your trust in us very seriously and we are COVID vaccinated. We want your child to first, be excited to go to Child Care every time they come. But we also want them to know that going to Child Care / Preschool is a place where they can learn something new every day appropriate to their age. We hope your child’s time at Early Learning Home Child Care will form a firm foundation for their growth and development in their many years to come.
Sharon B.
Sharon B.
20:56 24 Nov 21
Words can’t truly describe how amazing our experience has been with this daycare. We were so nervous about having our... youngest go to an in home daycare. Our one year old had barely been around other people let alone away from me because of Covid. By the second week, he was running into the play area with a smile. He always has delicious meals and we get tons of pictures and videos updating us throughout the day with how he is doing. They have done such an amazing job getting to know what our child needs & wants as well as what he enjoys to do throughout the day. He honestly has been getting spoiled with the new toys they have bought specifically with him in mind! (He LOVES cars) We’re incredibly sad that we have to move to the east coast and would love to take Kumiko and Dennis with us if we could! You will not regret trusting them with your kids. I would strongly recommend them to anyone I more
Lindsay Wilkes (The Cottage Mama)
Lindsay Wilkes (The Cottage Mama)
16:25 19 Oct 21
Early Learning Home Child Care is more than just a daycare center. It is a place where your children are treated like... family. They provide extensive learning resources and are dedicated to helping each child maximize their full potential through early learning techniques. Kumiko and Dennis are loving, nurturing and caring and you should feel lucky if they have a spot available for your child! Do not and your children will LOVE it here!!read more
Isis Nicolas
Isis Nicolas
14:15 18 Oct 21
My two little ones go to this daycare and I’m sad we have to leave so early. Since my two year old starting going there... she learned to count to 10 and knows her ABC’s in about 2 weeks time. Her vocabulary is so much bigger now as well. I love the feel of this daycare as it has all the perks. They have a spacious inside area for learning and play. A beautiful backyard that offers a lot of space to run around and play. I like that it allows the kids to interact with nature. My kids do not cry when I drop them off. That’s saying a lot! Kumiko and Dennis are a exceptional duo that I could more than rely on. They are also excellent on more
Kumiko Y. A.
Kumiko Y. A.
20:14 17 Oct 21
This is a wonderful Child Care here in Fallbrook. The owners are very experienced and all the kids seem to love it... more
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Early Learning Home Child Care

For Our Future World Leaders

For our older toddlers up to our oldest future world leaders, we want every day to be a fun adventure here at ELHCC. Just a few our our activities are summarized below:



From learning the alphabet, days of the week and numbers to reading, writing and doing simple math, our goal is to help your child get fully prepared for kindergarten as well as just simply developing a love of learning.

Gardens & Bugs

Gardens & Bugs

A large area of focus, we want to engage your children with understanding how plants grow from seeds, to understanding all the wonders of nature here in our yard. Perhap they will even bring home a plant, flower or vegetable they have grown!!
"Field Trips"

"Field Trips"

With one acre here we have developed a special area not normally part of our day where our young leaders can play on the tire swing, play in our giant sandbox, and maybe just take a hike around the larger garden.
Fun Time

Fun Time

While our goal is to make every aspect of our day fun, we clearly want just plain fun time, playing with their toys of choice, hide & seek, reading a book of their choice or maybe even watching a child appropriate movie.

So Many Questions

We know that choosing the right child care centre for you child is a huge decision.
Below are just a very few questions you might have.
For much more detailed information please click the button below.

Early Learning Home Child Care
Does my child need to attend from 7:15am – 5:30pm?
While we strive to have children attending most of the day, we clearly recognize that families have varying schedules. For full-time children, arrival between 7:15am – 9am is preferred. For departures we also offer flexibility.
What happens in a Medical Emergency?
Our philosophy is to ensure your children are always cared for by trained emergency medical personnel. In case of such an emergency 911 will immediately be called. Both Kumiko and Dennis have attended training in CPR and other minor medical issues.
What about security?
Our one acre property is completely fenced with a gate. Our gate will be open every day from 7:15am – 9:00am and again from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.
If my child has a Medical or Dental appointment, can we leave and then return?
Yes, this is no problem.
How do you handle special dietary requirements?
We are well aware that some children have dietary and allergy issues. We take extra special caution to ensure these requirements are met.

Come Visit Us

Whether you are a parent, a parent-approved visitor, or a prospective family, we welcome your visit to see what we are doing to make our Early Learning Home Child Care a special part of your child’s day and development.